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orgasm - A Helping Hand

When I started producing orgasm music I had no idea that there would be so many benefits from the sensual sounds of the orgasm music.  Here are a few of the e-mails I have received along with other tidbits.

Orgasm Graphic  

DJ Triad, 

I just wanted you to know how much my wife and I love your orgasm music.  A couple of days after we received your cd, I downloaded it into my ipod along with a bunch of other music and my wife and I went hiking.  My wife was listening to the music when all of a sudden she turned to me and says, "Honey, this is a great place to play." She had never done that before, especially outside in front of God and all His wonders.  I said what turned you on all of a sudden.  She smiled at me and took off the headphones she was wearing and put them next to my ear.  She had been listening to your orgasm music.  Don’t need to tell you what happened next. 

Thanks so much for the treat!!!!


Orgasm Picture


Just wanted you to know that I was doing a search on orgasm music  when I found your site.  I love your orgasm music and bought the piano one.  I was so tired of listening to Carly Simon, which is what my wife puts on every time we make love.  When I received your orgasm music cd, I waited for the right time and when my wife started to put on her Carlie Simon cd, I said, "Babe, I have something new you might like," and I put your orgasm music cd on.  I have to tell you I have never seen anything like it before.  My wife went nuts she had orgasm after orgasm.  WOW what a night!!!

Thanks DJ!


orgasm - Exciting!

DJ Triad

I ordered your orgasm music cd because my husband always wanted me to make more sounds when making love. When I got your orgasm music cd, I tried it out for my hubby. Well, he got so excited that he fucked the hell out of me and I ended sounding like your orgasm cd.  LOL                         Much love, Marie

 Orgasm Dance

When a woman hears an orgasm it relaxes her and excites her at the same time. Joining in is natural and her voice becomes the rhythm.

By DJ Triad


DJ Triad

We have bought every one of your orgasm music cds and every time we get one we have a fuck fest for a month or more. Wink ;)



orgasm - Soothes the soul.

Music soothes the mind, orgasms with music soothes the soul.

By DJ Triad


Sex Therapist Dr. Bob Schoomer

“After a couple has been together for awhile, the newness of their relationship starts to wear off. The little things come into play to bring on an orgasm.  A smile, an expression, a movement of the breast, a subtle I love you, and the sweet sounds of moaning and groaning will trigger an orgasm.”

Have you ever been in a hotel room where you could hear the couple next door making love?  You can’t tell me that you didn’t get excited!

DJ Triad

 Orgasm Touch

DJ Triad,

My girl friend and I were in Vegas last year.  We were having a great time gambling. Around 11 o’clock we decided to go to bed and went up to our room.  After taking our showers we lay down in our bed and began to snuggle. We started hearing the soft moans and groans from the other room.  What a turn on. The woman started having orgasm after orgasm.  That’s what your orgasm music cd reminds us of every time we listen to it.

Good times in bed,


orgasm - Therapeutic 

Sex Therapist Sandra Collins

“Setting the mood can be a valuable tool before making love. A candle light dinner, candles in your bedroom, chocolates, a sexy dress, and great music.  Yesterday I was tooling around on the net and I ran across a cd by DJ Triad ( called Live Orgasms in Concert.  I was so impressed.  DJ Triad has taken real sensual sounds made by couples and mixed them to music.  This music is perfect for setting the mood and making love to.  I highly recommend it.”

DJ Triad

I have been looking for a long time for music that would be really sensual for making love to and I ran into your orgasm music cd. It is the first music cd I have ever run across that is truly made for making love to. The orgasms are wonderful. The music is wonderful.  I am not sure why, but it was so easy for me to follow along and make the sounds I was listening to.  Never before have I been able to express myself so fully.



 Orgasm Sunset

DJ Triad

My wife has never made a peep when making love to until I bought your orgasm music cd.  She is now singing like a pro.  Having more orgasms than I can count.

Having a great time,



If we spent all our time making love rather than fighting, the world would be over populated, we all would be starving, but we would be happier than ever.

DJ Triad


Orgasms are songs that we all sing.

DJ Triad

 Orgasm Shower

Sex therapist Sandra Collins

Mrs. Collins,

My wife and I have been married for 20 years and we have a wonderful sex life.  My only complaint is that my wife never makes any sounds.  She is so quiet.  I love hearing the moans and groans, the expressions of sounds.  Is there anything I can do to help my wife?


orgasm - Buy NOW!!! 


Ray, this is not unusual at all.  Many women have problems making noise because they think it makes them sound slutty or they think their sounds are not sensual or they are just afraid of making noise.  I am going to suggest you go check out some music by DJ Triad of  There you will find some music mixed to sensual sounds and orgasms.  It will not only be exciting for you but your wife will find that it will give her permission to join in.  Good luck!

Dr. S

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